Axie Infinity that novice Xiaobai can understand

  Speaking of the world's most gold-absorbing mobile games, the first impression in most people's minds should be games such as "Glory of the King", "PUBG Mobile" and "Original God".

  But just recently, a blockchain game "Axie Infinity" that did not appear in the mainstream view has broken this inherent impression. Its daily income is close to last month's global mobile game income champion king glory, surpassing the runner-up PUBG Mobile.

  According to data from Sensor Tower, a mobile application data analysis company, in June 2021, Honor of Kings ranked first with a monthly income of US$277 million, with an average daily income of US$9.2 million; PUBG Mobile ranked second with a monthly income of US$213 million , The average daily income is 7.1 million US dollars.

  According to data from Token Terminal, a decentralized application (Dapp) statistics company, Axie Infinity's revenue on July 15 exceeded $8.2 million in tokens. This data is close to the average daily income of 9.2 million U.S. dollars in June, and exceeds the average daily income of 7.1 million U.S. dollars of PUBG Mobile in June.

  In addition, data shows that the game's revenue in the past 30 days has exceeded 66 million U.S. dollars, and the revenue in the past 7 days is close to 40 million U.S. dollars.

  axie infinity, this game is popular all over the world, I believe many friends know that the Axie Infinit game is developed and launched by the Vietnamese team Sky Mavis, a technology-focused game studio established in early 2018.

  The team is composed of 40 employees, and Trung Thanh Nguyen is the CEO. The launch of Axie is a decentralized turn-based strategy game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its design ideas draw on Pokemon and CryptoKitties, but it is also rich in gameplay. Great improvements have been made. All aspects of the game revolve around the fighting, breeding and trading of different Axies.

  Although Axie Infinity became popular this year, it has actually been online for 3 years. At present, the main modules of Axie Infinity are combat, breeding, breeding, land, market trading, etc., and new modules, such as pledge functions, will continue to be launched in the future. With the explosion of the game, as long as new players continue to enter and the game’s income is stable, it will naturally support the long-term development of the game. The R&D team will add new gameplay based on demand in the later stage. This is the same as our PC game. the same. Let's take a look at how to download and play now.

  Step 1: Download the game

  You can also directly click the link below to download directly.

  iOS: Enter this page to download and activate:

  After downloading on the PC side, open the account login interface.

  On the mobile phone, you need to scan the QR code to log in.

  Step 2: Register an account

  First of all, the entire process of registering an account needs to be operated on the Chrome or Firefox browser on the computer, so you need to download the browser in advance.

  Then there are the two wallets needed for the game account, metamask and ronin wallet.

  Open with Chrome:

  Or open with Firefox:

  Search for the two add-ons, metamask and ronin, to install them.

  After installation, the icons of these two components (blue R and little fox) will appear in the upper right corner of the browser.

  Then we click on the metamask icon and ronin icon to create a wallet address and set a password. When creating an address, the system will give you some English mnemonics. It is recommended that these English words be saved as a screenshot or written in a notebook.

  After completion, you can click the [Marketplace] button above on the official website homepage just now.

  It will jump to the trading market interface, click [Login] in the upper right corner and select the ronin or metamask wallet address to log in.

  After logging in, this is your account homepage. The first login will let you set up a user nickname.

  After entering the nickname, you can click on the blue part to set your email and password.

  After the registration is complete, the blue area will disappear, and you can log in to Axie Infinity on the PC with your account and password.

  And click [QR Code] in the upper left corner to expand, you can scan the code on the mobile phone to log in.

  The third step: buy the baby

  After clicking the [Deposit] button, you will jump to the cross-chain page. As shown in the figure below, fill in the address and the amount of assets you want to cross-chain to complete the cross-chain.

  Note: At present, the entry barrier is still a bit high. Even three cheap babies with the lowest cost need more than 6000RMB. Simply relying on the daily SLP points, the payback is about two months, and the SLP obtained afterwards is a personal benefit.

  Step 4: Speed up the game

  Because Axie Infinity is an external server game, it needs an accelerator to run it.

  Download the red finger accelerator on the phone, open the accelerator, and find Axie Infinity to accelerate.

  After the acceleration is successful, click [Start the game]

  The game interface pops up, scan the computer [QR Code] to log in to play.

  Baby basic information science and reproduction

  Axie's ability value

  Each Axie has 4 ability values: Health (blood volume), Morale (morale), Skill (skills) and Speed (speed), these values represent:

  Health (HP) : It's HP

  Morale (Morale) : Morale affects Axie's critical strike chance for each attack. And the higher the morale, the more chance the Axie has to trigger the near-death state after the Axie’s blood volume becomes zero. This state is equivalent to a few more blocks of blood. Each axie releases a skill will deduct one block of blood. I'll know after playing

  Skill : Increase the combo damage value when the baby uses 2 or more cards.

  Speed (speed) : Speed determines the order of combat, the faster Axie can attack first. A high speed value also has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of being critically hit. When other factors are the same, the babies with the highest ID rank attack faster.

  The ability value distribution of each Axie will have different results based on 2 changes, namely: attributes and body parts

  body parts

  Each Axie has 6 body parts: eyes, ears, horns, mouth, back and tail

  Among them, the horns, mouth, back and tail are 4 parts, which respectively determine one of the card skills that Axie can use in battle (each Axie has a total of 4 card skills).

  The skill card looks like this:

  The 0 in the circle in the upper left corner means that this card consumes 0 energy. The sword represents the attack power, and the shield represents the number of shields

  In addition, each body part also has different "attribute" genes. If the "attribute" of the body part is the same as the Axie "attribute", the Axie's ability value will be additionally increased:

  Grass: 3 HP + 1 Morale

  Fish: 3 Speed + 1 HP

  Crawler: 3 HP + 1 Speed

  Beast: 3 Morale + 1 Speed

  Insects: 3 Morale + 1 HP

  Bird: 3 Speed + 1 Morale


  The different attributes of Axie are also mutually restrained. The method of calculating attack damage is based on the attributes of the card used by the attacker in the round and the attributes of the defender's Axie.

  This means that when a bird attribute card is used to attack the beast Axie, it will increase its damage by 15%; in contrast, a beast attribute card will reduce its damage by 15% when it attacks the fish Axie.

  This is the attribute correlation diagram:

  Among them, dusk, dawn, and machines are not common in combat, and they don’t have exclusive skill cards, so I won’t study them yet.

  Next, let’s talk about reproduction

  In axie, regardless of male and female, each baby can only give birth to a total of 7 births. Every time a child is born, the required SLP increases accordingly, so generally unborn babies are especially expensive. And each childbirth needs to consume 4 AXS. For example, if two babies are in the same place, they need to consume 300SLP and 4AXS in total to give birth to the first-born eggs. After 5 days, they can grow into fighting babies. The synthetic Axie pet is randomly generated by the parents’ genes and is immature. The larvae belong to the blind box stage and can be sold on the market. Each Axie can breed a total of 7 times, and the required SLP will increase accordingly.

  The specific demand quantity is shown in the figure:

  The game is mainly divided into three modes: adventure mode combat (PVE), arena combat (PVP), and breeding offspring. The three axies purchased by the player are the admission tickets to the game. SLP rewards are obtained through battle. SLP has two functions. Consuming a bred pet can also be exchanged for sale in the market.

  In addition to using the SLP they have obtained for breeding, players can also directly purchase SLP to invest in breeding, in order to gain a greater advantage in PVP and PVE, participate in high-competitive PVP activities and high-level PVE to obtain SLP currency rewards. When players have unwanted Axie or decide to leave the game, Axie assets can also be sold to players in need through the market. Realize transaction circulation.

  Recently, the Axie Infinity version was upgraded to 1.1.0a, although it was backed up again due to too many bugs. However, the official plan is to continue to update to 1.1.0a after the bug is fixed. It will only be delayed for some time.

  Then the update content is as follows, 1. Axies will now reset to level one when changing the owner. In other words, when your axie is traded, the level will be reset to level 1.

  2. You can play against your friends, but this friend won't add or lose points if you win or lose in the game. It's just that it simply gives players a chance to compete.

  3. Players with less than 800 points in the arena will no longer receive SLP from adventures, arenas or daily missions. So friends should increase their scores as soon as possible, otherwise the income will be greatly reduced.

  4. The game history will not be saved on our server for the time being, and can only be accessed from the client device where the game is played. At the same time, the Ronin block explorer has made some minor updates to the address display.

  5. The fifth and most important point

  Combat V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin) is coming soon, it is faster, more challenging, and allows users to try it out before making economic decisions. Add more customized features to teams and cards. The official revealed that the game has completed 70% of the new card design. The specific release date has not yet been determined.

  The new version also built Lunacia, the home of Axie, which was divided into tokenized land as their home and operating base for Axie. You can use the various resources and production ingredients found while playing the game to upgrade the plots over time.

  In addition, landowners may find AXS tokens on their plots, or use Axies occupying plots to explore resource nodes on the map. When interacting with resource nodes, Axies can find AXS and potentially other resources. There will be a public area: PARK allows players to play some MINI games. There will also be tactical battles, competing for land and regions. Configure resources and pets. The landowner will have priority over any resources generated on his land. The new version is a start full of creativity and challenges. I look forward to the release of the new version.

  It takes 0.27 ETH to buy three pets, and the value of SLP is about 0.0015-0.0018 ETH every day, and the payback time is about 150-180 days. For those who are just getting started and those who are on the sidelines, the investment cost is relatively high. Payback time is longer. And with the update of this version, the threshold will become higher, which will make it more difficult for ordinary players to earn revenue.

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