Is it too late to enter the pit Axie Infinity?

  At the beginning of July this year, a Filipino player stated on social software that he had bought two houses in the Philippines with the profits he earned from playing Axie Infinity games.

  Axie Infinity is a game based on the NFT+ metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can participate in the game and earn game tokens for consumption or transaction through battles and reproduction in the game. With the soaring popularity of Axie Infinity, its single-day income has exceeded 12 million U.S. dollars, and DAU is about to break one million.

  According to the Axie Infinity Twitter community poll released by CoinGecko on July 26, players can earn an average of 151-200 SLP (equivalent to US$55.50) per day. Players will convert tokens into legal tender, which is equivalent to one month of earning. Take the income of $1665. Many people think that playing Axie Infinity will make a profit, and it will be a potential source of income, and 68% even think it can become a sustainable full-time job.

  How to make a profit from playing Axie Infinity?

  As the most popular chain game on Ethereum at present, after players purchase a virtual pet named Axie in the official market, they can battle, raise, and breed them in the game. Among them, fighting and breeding are important core modes that support the sustainable circulation of the Axie Infinity economic system.

  The first is the battle mode. Players participating in Axie Infinity operate their own Axie team to choose the adventure mode (PvE) or (PvP) mode to fight, and obtain the game's token SLP as a battle reward through battle, and the ranking ranks No. One player can also get AXS rewards every season.

  The second is the reproduction mode. This is very simple, that is, the offspring that the player allows two Axies to mate and breed in the game, the Axie produced can be sold for income, or it can be kept by itself. It should be noted that breeding requires SLP obtained from combat, and SLP can be used as a love potion for breeding.

  Of course, the core model is not enough to support the operation of the game. A reasonable economic system is also needed. The economic system of Axie Infinity relies on the two tokens mentioned above, SLP and AXS.

  SLP is a token reward obtained through Axie, and SLP is a must for Axie breeding. If you don't want to breed, you can sell it on Uniswap. The emergence of SLP has allowed the game to form a closed loop. SLP has output channels, as well as consumption channels, and can be traded. This also provides a channel for ordinary players to earn income.

  AXS is the ERC-20 token of the Axie Infinity system, which mainly has three usage scenarios: staking, governance and payment. Holders of AXS can earn AXS tokens by playing games and participating in key governance voting.

  To put it simply, the Axie Infinity R&D team connects players, Axie, and tokens (SLP, AXS) in a complete flywheel closed-loop series connection, as shown in the following figure:

  Outer loop (green line): Value flows from one to the other in a counterclockwise direction. After players enter the game, they need to buy at least 3 Axies to form a team, and spend SLP and AXS to breed offspring. Subsequent pledge function will be launched, and pledge AXS will receive pledge rewards.

  Inner loop (orange line): represents the flow of value in a clockwise direction. Players get the proceeds of selling Axie from the market and win SLP/AXS through battle. AXS and SLP can also be purchased on exchanges and AMM DEX.

  Finally, the inner ring represents the value creation process, while the outer ring represents value consumption. The final value inflow is the purchase of Axie and SLP, and the final value outflow is the liquidation of assets.

  How to get into Axie Infinity?

  After reading the above economic logic, do you feel that the overall economy is relatively clear and a reasonable economic cycle has indirectly contributed to the growing growth of Axie Infinity, and that more and more people join Axie Infinity to earn income from games.

  If you are interested in blockchain games and have time to play games, you can refer to the following steps:

  1. Create a Metamask digital wallet account and purchase ETH to the account. Players can obtain ETH from major exchanges.

  2. Create a Ronin wallet account (Ronin wallet is a dedicated Ethereum side chain in the game, you need to create and back up the wallet again).

  3. Use the Ronin bridge to deposit ETH in Metamask into Ronin wallet (note that you cannot directly deposit ETH from the exchange to Ronin wallet).

  4. Purchase at least 3 Axies from the Axie Infinity market. Because you want to fight in the game to obtain SLP, you need to ensure that there are more than 3 Axies in the team.

  5. Use Metamask to log in on the official market, set your email and password, find the official download application, open the page and start the download, after downloading and installing, you can start the game journey of Axie Infinity.

  Already ready to enter the pit, but will the opening be the same as receiving the game?

  In the face of the popularity of Axie Infinity, and in the early stage, many people rely on playing Axie Infinity to make money, which will naturally stimulate those who want to rely on sideline to increase their income. So is it too late to enter the pit? Will it be at the peak at the beginning and become a catcher?

  To understand whether it is appropriate, you must first calculate how much you need to invest in the early game.

  If you want to earn tokens from Axie Infinity, you have to have "rice" in the pot. What you need here is to buy at least 3 (or more than 3) Axies.

  Calculated according to the current price of ETH, the price of buying 1 Axie on the official market ranges from US$300-1000. If you buy 3 Axies, plus Ethereum’s GAS fee, you need to invest US$1000-1200 in the early stage according to the current market price. , Which is equivalent to about RMB 7,800.

  Recently, the price of ETH has been relatively fluctuating, but at present, buying ETH into the pit is a little expensive. The threshold for entering the game is relatively high for those who want to increase their income through sideline business.

  Secondly, you need to calculate the approximate daily output of playing Axie.

  One account can obtain 150 SLPs for completing tasks of the day. According to the current SLP selling price, it will take about 40-50 days to pay back. The SLPs obtained afterwards are personal benefits.

  In addition, in addition to selling SLP, it can also be sold by breeding Axie. If the Axie produced is a rare species, the price will be higher, and the return on the cost will naturally be faster.

  Finally, let’s talk about how long Axie Infinity can play.

  Although Axie Infinity became popular this year, it has actually been online for 3 years. At present, the main modules of Axie Infinity are combat, breeding, breeding, land, market trading, etc., and new modules, such as pledge functions, will continue to be launched in the future. With the explosion of the game, as long as new players continue to enter and the game’s income is stable, it will naturally support the long-term development of the game. The R&D team will add new gameplay based on demand in the later stage. This is the same as our PC game. the same.

  Furthermore, the blockchain has only been in existence for 11 years, and NFT games like Axie Infinity are the beginning of in-chain games and are equipped with the concept of "meta universe". The future may be uncertain, but the future can be expected. .

  If you want to take advantage of the heat to experience the joy of playing Axie Infinity, you can follow the official instructions to join it. If you want to use gaming as a sideline to increase your income, you need to consider carefully before deciding. After all, all investments have certain risks. If you have not confirmed whether you have the ability to withstand risks, it is best not to act rashly.

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