Top 5 blockchain game companies in 2021, Axie Infinity only ranks second

  Blockchain games, encrypted games, play2earn games, and everything surrounding this game segment are still relatively new concepts. The cross-fusion between encryption technology and blockchain technology and games is more or less inevitable. Now such a trend has emerged and is rapidly gaining popularity. There are many existing and aspiring blockchain game companies, and hundreds of upcoming projects will be involved. It is also easy to overlook different games and the content of games.

  This is why we have collected a list of some of our favorite blockchain game companies, including promising companies that are about to be established or mature companies that are having a huge impact on the blockchain game field. As a far-sighted user, you need to follow the trend and pay attention to these "heavyweights".

Top 5 blockchain game companies in 2021, Axie Infinity only ranks second

  Fifth place Decentraland

  Decentraland is a decentralized land transaction online game platform, released in 2017, with a large number of unique projects. Users can buy, sell, trade and use virtual land in the form of encrypted tokens, and then decorate and display these lands according to their wishes. People have used it to build online stores, art galleries and virtual fashion stores.

  In addition, Dcentraland also provides a virtual avatar system with collectibles and various tools, allowing users to fully control their space. In fact, Dcentraland’s goal is to one day become a suitable meta-universe, that is, a collective shared virtual world where the physical world and virtual space are interconnected and overlapped. Similar projects include CryptoVoxels and SomniumSpace, both of which are land-based encrypted game platforms.

  Fourth place Mythical Games

  Mythical Games is another large blockchain game company that has released Blankos Block Party games in 2020. Unlike many different projects, they did not launch a pre-sale pass, nor did they release a proof-of-concept or alpha version of the game. This community-based development method is very common in small independent projects in the field of encrypted games, but Mythical Games has taken a different approach.

  They only released the game after it was finished, and adopted a different approach to marketing their games, not just focusing on the blockchain technology aspects of the game. Mythical Games tries to emphasize that the economy in the game is dominated by players. With this alone, they are worthy of a spot on this list!

  Third place OpenSea

  Although OpenSea is not a gaming company, it is one of the core platforms of the current blockchain gaming world. OpenSea is an NFT trading platform where users buy, sell and auction their tokens on OpenSea. These tokens will then be used in actual blockchain games such as Axie Infinity and Decentraland. Although it does not have its own game, OpenSea is indispensable as a trading platform for blockchain game fans.

  In addition to allowing users to buy and sell game NFTs, OpenSea also allows users to exchange other types of NFTs, such as collectibles, works of art, and so on. The platform's sales have exceeded billions of dollars, and there are often sky-high NFTs.

  Second place Sky Mavis

  Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, may be the most important blockchain game company in the field. Not only is it one of the earliest successful works, so far, it has withstood the test of time and has had a large number of users for a long period of time.

Top 5 blockchain game companies in 2021, Axie Infinity only ranks second

  Axie Infinity is in our list of top 5 NFT mini games. Like other NFT-based games, NFTs called Axies can be sold or traded on OpenSea, and users can also cultivate new ones and then sell them to others.

  Axie Infinity is actually a Play2Earn game (Play2Earn refers to play to earn, which is a type of game to earn while playing). In the field of encrypted games, playing games to make money is a real possibility. For many people, especially in third world countries, this is actually a surprising way to make money, while in the West, users usually just make some pocket money to support their investment.

  First place Dapper Labs

  The development studio is closely related to the launch of the overall blockchain game trend. As early as 2017, they released CryptoKitties, which is the first successful Play2Earn game featuring NFT and crypto games. Although the popularity of the current game itself has declined, DapperLabs has created more content, including Cheeze Wizards.

  If there is no DapperLabs, it is very likely that the blockchain game economy will not emerge as it is now. Or at least, it will look very different. This will continue to consolidate DapperLabs as the cornerstone of the history of crypto games, making it a well-deserved number one.

  The Investgame game trading activity report for the first half of 2021 stated that “the game industry is experiencing a boom in games powered by blockchain technology. As of the first half of 2021, crypto game companies have completed 24 transactions (12 transactions completed in fiscal year 2020). Transaction), with a total value of more than US$476 million. 75% of the total financing came from three rounds of financing, namely Forte (US$185 million), Animoca Brands (US$89 million) and Mythical Games (US$75 million)."

  What other blockchain game companies are worth paying attention to

  Although the following projects are not as influential as the aforementioned companies in the field of blockchain games, they provide some unique and interesting things to the existing crypto game field.

  Voxie Tactics

  Voxie Tactics is a still-developing RPG-based game based on Ethereum and NFT. Users can purchase Voxies, and then have unique roles, such as different occupations, status, pets and other RPG role characteristics. His uniqueness is that they are community-centric. Compared to games like Axie that require a lot of investment to start, you can own Voxies for free, which makes the game more enjoyable and can also customize the experience.

Top 5 blockchain game companies in 2021, Axie Infinity only ranks second

  The Voxie Tactics game itself has been in development for many years. Although it has not yet been launched, the price of the related Voxie NFT has been rising steadily, while also fostering an active and surprising community.

  Animoca Brands

  Without mentioning one of the largest value-added companies in the field of blockchain games, our list cannot be complete. Animoca Brands is not only a developer and publisher of various blockchain games, but also an investor in more than half of the companies on this list. They are game companies that are unswervingly committed to supporting the most dynamic and upcoming blockchain game companies in the market and investing in this industry.

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