Top 10 blockchain games this month, meta-universe games exploded

  Check out the most popular money-making games and meta-universe games. In the past few months, blockchain games have been a hot spot for crypto activities. Through this article, DappRadar pays attention to the most popular game dapps. To compile this ranking, we considered on-chain activity, NFT transaction volume, token valuation, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Top 10 blockchain games this month, meta-universe games exploded

  Top 10 blockchain meta-universe games of the month

  Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the pioneer of blockchain games, especially in this field, the rise of the movement to make money through games. Considering its status, as a pioneering and revolutionary dapp, Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the number one chain game.

  However, due to the NFT trading volume exceeding 132 million US dollars, this game topped the rankings this month. Coupled with the AXS token, the game's native token, Axie Infinity has consolidated its position as a top performer in the blockchain game list.

Top 10 blockchain games this month, meta-universe games exploded

  The hype for metaverse has never been so strong, and Sandbox is one of those chain games that are lucky enough to be immersed in the newly discovered attention of the crypto community. With the sales of NFTs generated by more than $68 million in transaction volume, Sandbox is of course ranked second this month. Despite the decline in the valuation of the platform's native token SAND, the game has successfully attracted a large amount of transactions through its land parcels.

  Importantly, one of the factors in this ranking is that there are now official games on the Sandbox. While the previous dapp only allowed users to purchase land nft, the gameplay involved now includes a play-and-earn element. This is a major development of the platform.

Top 10 blockchain games this month, meta-universe games exploded

  Worldwideweb3 seems to be a surprising entrance, and it ranks so high, yet the virtual world has just held its first land sale. This event has brought a lot of attention and vitality to the platform and improved its overall performance this month.

  Since its launch, WebbLand nft has created nearly $17 million in transactions. This is a compelling result, but it is not surprising considering the thirst for virtual land that the blockchain space has seen in recent weeks.


  Mobox: NFT Farmer is one of the best known games on the Binance smart chain. Despite this, it ranked fourth in this month's ranking. This farm game attracted more than 105,000 unique active wallets this month. The release of MoMoVerse also promoted the development of this platform.

  Another reason for the increase in activities on the platform is an extensive sweepstakes, which saw NFT mysterious boxes worth $1 million distributed to players. In addition, the price of the MBOX native token has risen sharply, increasing its valuation by more than 28% in the past 7 days.

  Chainmonsters is a rising star in blockchain game streaming. MMORPG is still a very closed system, so far only a limited number of players can try their alpha version of the skills. However, this week Chainmonsters officially announced the closed beta version of the game, which will be released on December 16.


  For several months, Splinterlands has been competing with Alien Worlds for the top spot on the unique active wallet list. Although Splinterlands is the most visited dapp on this list, there are other factors at play. This improved ranking system puts the game in the bottom half of the top ten. Unfortunately, in the past week, the valuation of Splinterlands' token SPS has dropped by nearly 20%.

  Another virtual world has entered the top ten this month. NFT Worlds is a platform that allows players to create their own NFT, endless virtual reality. NFT Worlds is one of the most innovative virtual environments, creating a bridge between traditional and blockchain games. Importantly, in the past week, Crypto Twitter has been discussing NFT Worlds after the team made a very important announcement.


  Farsite is an upcoming space exploration game that will eventually be released on Ethereum 2.0, however, now everything is happening on Polygon. Farsite launched a huge new NFT card.

  REVV Racing is a Polygon chain racing game that has attracted the attention of racing fans for months. Unfortunately, this month the game ranks in unenviable ninth place because the value of its native token, REVV, has fallen by more than 26%. Despite some negative performance, REVV racing has quite exciting news. Most importantly, this game introduces a new set of money-making game mechanics. The game introduces two new tokens: Catalyst (CATA) and Fragmentation (SHRD).

  Last but not least, we have Alien Worlds. Although the alien world attracts the second highest number of unique active wallets, other performance statistics are not so favorable. The game’s native token, TLM, has lost more than 20% of its value in the past seven days. In addition, it is not active on social media channels in the alien world. There are no major updates or future plans announced this month. Despite this, Alien Worlds is still one of the pioneers of blockchain games.

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