Axie infinity game guide

  Axie infinity is a turn-based strategy game, an NFT game world inspired by "Pokemon". At the beginning of the battle, the fast Axies go first. All Axies in the battle take turns using their own actions to attack and defend. Each action used in the battle has its own power, range, appearance percentage and effect. In the end, it is defeated. All rival Axies teams win the battle first. The body shape of each elf is composed of 6 parts, and each part of the elf is controlled by 3 genes, which are a dominant gene D, a recessive gene R1, and a sub-recessive gene R2. The new version of the plot gameplay is still under active development and will be launched in stages. The first stage is the gameplay mentioned above, and the second stage will focus on turning Lunacia into a virtual world, with a focus on user-generated internals. , Players will be able to use the Lunacia Software Development Kit SDK to create games and place these games on their own plots.


  Collect and trade

  Axies are similar to pets in real life, and Axies appear in various forms. Although they are all the same species, each species has a unique appearance and different attributes. You can find familiar appearances of Axies like cats, dogs, fish and birds. Or you can get unimaginable shapes from Axie, such as dragons, walking trees, sea monsters or brand new things! Find the perfect Axie pairing, or master the art of trading, and get the Axie that suits you best!

  Up to now, six types of Axie have been found: beasts, birds, plants, reptiles, bugs, and aquatic.

  Axie is divided into four levels:

  Common: Common parts can be seen everywhere. However, this does not mean that they are of low value. Some common parts may hide huge potential.

  Rare: The rare part is just...rare. They are harder to find than Common, but easier to find than Ultra Rare.

  Ultra-rare: Ultra-rare parts are really hard to find. Most of them have some useful effects in battle.

  Legendary: only to know

  Cultivate Axie

  Axies live in their own artificial environment called Terrarium. Terrarium is a 6x6 area with various terrains such as grass, coast, highlands or the North Pole. Each terrain will activate certain types of Axie. You can also decorate your Terrarium with special items.

  Here, you can feed your Axies, clean them up, or let them go to sleep. Axies need to be in their best condition to participate in the battle.

  An example of 6x6 Savannah Terrarium:

  Development and strengthening

  Axies gain experience points (exp) from combat and daily activities. Exp can be used to upgrade your Axie, develop specific parts of your choice, or breed with other Axies. Evolving a part can give your Axie a newer, cooler, and more impressive appearance.


  In addition to collecting and upgrading, you can also make the Axies team fight in the arena. You can also buy, sell and trade Axies with others in the market.

  Some actions of Axie can cause significant damage, while others can support the ability to protect and heal other Axies. Some Axies can even throw darts like a ninja! Form your 3 Axie clan, perfect your strategy, and fight other players.

  The power of AAxie depends on various statistics. In Axie Infinity, each Axie has four main attributes: health, speed, skills and morale. The total attributes of Axie are calculated based on basic attributes (depending on the type of Axie) and bonus statistics of body parts.

  Axies use movement (and their corresponding body parts) to fight. They can bite their opponents with sharp and poisonous fangs, hit them with big corners, or use a hard shell to stop attacks.

  Every part and movement of the body has its own offensive and defensive potential. Some are effective against Axies, but not effective at protecting allies, and some are quite the opposite.

  At the beginning of the battle, the fast Axies go first. All Axies in the battle take turns using their actions to attack and defend. Every action used in combat has its own power, range, appearance percentage and effect. In the end, the team that defeated all opponents Axies wins the battle first.

  gaming strategy

  Detailed explanation of elf

  Let's explain to the elves below.

  Each elf has four abilities, namely "Health", "Morale", "Skill" and "Speed". The total of the four abilities of each elf is 164 points, and the different distribution determines whether this elf is more suitable as a "tank" or "output".

  Health: The amount of damage that the elf can withstand in battle. After the health reaches 0, the elf will be eliminated from the game;

  Morale: It will affect the crit rate of the elf’s attack. The higher the Will value, the more likely it is to enter the "Last Stand" state after the HP is returned to zero, and the number of battle rounds in this state is also Related to the value of will;

  Skill (Skill): Determines the "Combo" value when the elf uses more than two cards in a round in battle;

  Speed: Determines the order of the elf's moves in the battle. The elf with a higher speed value will attack first and is not vulnerable to critical strike damage.

  The distribution of elves' abilities depends on their "Class" and "Body Parts".

  body parts

  The body of each elf is divided into 6 parts, namely Eyes, Ears, Horn, Mouth, Back and Tail.

  Among them, the horns, mouth, back and tail determine the skill cards that the elf can use in battle. Each elf has four skill cards. Each skill card has a different skill effect. On the right side of the card, there are two values of "attack power" and "shield value", which are the damage to the enemy and the value of your own shield. When the shield is broken, the enemy's attack will be directly deducted to reduce the life value of the wizard.


  The elves have nine attributes, namely "Reptile", "Plant", "Dusk", "Aquaic", "Bird", and "Light". "Dawn", "Mech", "Bug" and "Beast".

  Moreover, the body parts and skill cards of the elves also have different attributes.

  The attributes of the elves are also related to each other, as shown in the following figure:

  For example, when a plant-based skill attacks a water elf, it will cause an additional 15% damage, and when a plant-based skill attacks a beast-based elf, the damage will be reduced by 15%.

  When the attributes of the body parts of the elf are the same as those of the elf itself, the abilities of the elf will be added as follows:

  Plants: Health +3, Will +1

  Water system: health +1, speed +3

  Creeping system: health +3, speed +1

  Beast: Will +3, Speed +1

  Insects: Health +1, Will +3

  Flight: Will +1, speed +3

  When the skill card used by the elf has the same attributes as its own, this skill card will also increase its attack power and shield value by 15%.

  Generally speaking, our team needs tank-type elves to take damage in the front row, and output-type elves continue to output in the back row. When selecting the elves, we need to select by combining their various abilities, skills and attributes. .

  start fighting!

  After understanding the attributes of the elf, I believe you already know how to select the elf and make an array. Let's enter the actual battle below.

  After entering the battle, you will come to this interface. The three elves on the left belong to the player (you), and the three on the right are only for the opponent. You can see the attributes and health of each elf. The sorting on the top of the page is based on the speed value of the elf, which is the order of the elf’s actions. The bottom is the skill cards drawn in this round, and the energy value and the number of cards are shown in the lower left corner.

  Axie Infinity’s battles are based on a turn-based approach. The goal is to reduce the opponent’s elf health to 0. Players need to predict the opponent’s strategy in each round and formulate a response strategy to win.

  The battle deck of the elf is composed of 12 skill cards of the three elf in the team, and each skill has two cards. The player will start with 3 points of energy and 6 random cards. After that, each round will draw 3 cards and add 2 points of energy. As long as the energy is sufficient, the player can play any number of skill cards in one round. However, each elf can only use its own skills.

  The elves with a higher speed value will act first, and it is even possible to eliminate them before the opponent elves act. However, some skills are suitable for later use, such as rebound damage, healing, etc.

  Players have 60s to play cards in each round. Unused cards and energy values will be retained at the end of the round, but the upper limit of the number of cards in the hand is 9 and the upper limit of energy is 10 points. After the card is used, it will enter the discard pile. After all the cards are used up, the cards in the discard pile will be shuffled and put into the deck.

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